Gloss Mind Sports International Ltd.

Gloss Mind Sports International Ltd.

Established in 1994

We are specialized in design, supply and installation of high quality of Recreation Facilities

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Hippo Bobo is our own brand name and specialized in design, product and installation of Indoor Children Playroom and Outdoor Children Playground. On the hand of Indoor Children Playroom, in different Playrooms have different theme, such as Space, Ocean, Forest, Transport etc. Although some of the theme may double, the design of playroom is unique. All of the materials have been pass the Flammability Test, Migration of certain elements and Physical and Mechanical Properties.

  • Artificial Grass System for Golf
  • Children Playground Equipment
  • Indoor Children Playroom
  • Outdoor Children Playground
  • Sports Equipment
  • Theme Park Equipment & Facilities
  • In-Situ Safety Surface
  • Safety matting

All Playroom facilities is own production. After the installation, our company will make a SQ-2S Anti-bacterial treatment, which is an all purpose cleaner disinfectant & Bacteria Protectant and Antimicrobial Clean Coating. Also, our company will arrange an independent competent person to do a Safety Checking that will make parents and children more confident on playing the indoor facilities. Our company have been provide design and installation facilities for our wide range of client pool is various from Government Departments, major developers, prestige golf clubs to country clubs, etc.. We will provide services to satisfaction all customers wants, to improve the living environment.



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